The team

Saskia Olma

Managing Director
Visual Artist

Vlad Befus

Visual Artist
Real-time / Notch

Amy Haghebaert

Production Assistant

Natural Born Creators

We are deeply rooted in content and lighting design. Today, LUPIXX is a creative production studio and your interface for ready-to-go and immersive experiences of all kinds.
You benefit from a team of experienced specialists dedicated to solutions, where everyone contributes their individual strengths: creatives, technicians, project managers, doers and, if necessary, external experts that also work with us all under one roof.

But our most important tool is not listed in any manual: We listen to you. And on this basis, we work together on exciting and challenging projects, whose feasibility we develop together.
That's how we connect actual reality with virtual reality and the worlds of your target groups to your messages. Precisely with passion. From the Essen city forest. Out of your one-stop store for experiences that amaze, surprise and inspire people more than ever.

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